Vanderbilt Political Review

Financial Aid & Sequestration

Katie Miller

March 9, 2013

At some point in nearly every student’s college search, one question inevitably arises: how will I afford to attend this institution? While the attainment of a postsecondary degree has arguably become more of an expectation...

The Politics of Labels

Katie Miller

February 15, 2013

Prof. Dr. Schavan, former German education minister, was forced to resign from her post last Saturday after the explosion of a plagiarism scandal that reached back more than thirty years. In addition to her expulsion from the...

After 40 Years, Roe vs. Wade Revisited

Katie Miller

January 29, 2013

On January 25, 2013—just days after the fortieth anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark Roe v. Wade decision—abortion opponents came out in waves for the March for Life rally in Washington, D.C. While thousands attend...

In the Face of Tragedy: For Newtown, CT

Katie Miller

December 14, 2012

When a gunman opened fire on Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday December 14th, he did much more than make history as the second deadliest school shooter in American history [1]. He did more, even, than steal the lives of at least twenty children--along with six adults--who were fa...

The 2012 Election and Same-Sex Marriage

Katie Miller

November 21, 2012

The election just over two weeks ago was a monumental victory for supporters of same-sex marriage, which became legalized through popular vote in Maine, Maryland, and Wisconsin. In addition, Democrat Tammy Baldwin was elected...

America’s Technology Obsession: Rise of the Negativity Bias in Political Media

Katie Miller

October 31, 2012

Most Americans would probably have no problem admitting that they are, to some extent, dependent on technology. Many of us may even go so far as to concede that we would feel uncomfortable without access to our cell phones—they...

Apathy or Disconnect? There’s a Difference

Katie Miller

September 24, 2012

If you are a young adult, you have probably heard it countless times: our generation just does not care about politics. We do not feel bound by the civic duty to vote that our parents and grandparents highly valued. We are more...

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