VIDEO: VSG Candidates Tackle Divestment, the Rudy Rochman Event, and Greek Life


Isabella Randle, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday, March 16, the Vanderbilt Political Review (VPR) interviewed the two candidate tickets for the Vanderbilt Student Government (VSG) presidential elections. Deputy Editor-in-Chief Isabella Randle spoke to Amisha Mittal and Ari Sasson, running for president and vice president respectively, and Chandler Quaile, running for vice president. Kayla Prowell, who is running for president alongside Quaile, was unable to attend the interview due to an academic commitment.

VPR asked the candidates about their campaigns and decisions to run for office.  The candidates also shared their views on the Rudy Rochman event controversy, Greek Life at Vanderbilt, divestment, and renaming campus buildings that honor individuals associated with slavery.

Watch the full interview below:


A shorter version of this video will be available on VPR’s Instagram and Facebook pages.