Letter from the Editor: Goodbye, Good Luck, and Thank You


Alexandra Doten

As a first year student wandering the stalls of the organization fair, I had an overwhelming sense of inferiority. I joined my friends upstairs in the commons center and watched them grab fliers for a capella groups and club sports. Of course, I thought, all these intelligent students were also musically, athletically, and socially gifted. I lazily strolled through the outdoor lines of trifold poster boards, scattered haphazardly with glitter letters and black and white printed photos. Peppy upperclassmen waved flyers at me, and I found refuge in a stall with shiny magazines covering the table. “Did you know Barack Obama was a member of the Harvard Law Review? Now he’s president,” they told me. Perhaps a tangential point, I was hooked. I wrote down my email on a spreadsheet of names, and continued on to search for rumored free ice cream.

At the time, I did not know how massive a role the people in that stall would hold in my life. A few weeks later, I sent my application to the Vanderbilt Political Review a mere three minutes before the deadline. Famously scared of rejection, I applaud myself for hitting submit at all. I was accepted and began my journey of growth through the organization.

My time within the Vanderbilt Political Review consisted of late night grammar lessons, election group chats, and $36 worth of shipping costs to send my whole family my first cover article. I explored human rights issues, encouraged college students to vote, and engaged in enthralling conversations with similarly enthusiastic peers.

Last year, I pushed my fears of rejection aside once more and ran for Editor in Chief of the Vanderbilt Political Review. I hoped my passion for the organization and its members would be apparent. After a full year as head, that love has only grown more. I have had the absolute privilege of watching a group of the most talented individuals I have met explore their own creativity and pursue ambitious goals. I am awestruck by their determination, perseverance, and grit.

I hope my leadership has given Political Review members the same opportunities as the organization gave to me. I am so grateful for the chance to lead them through this turbulent time in our lives and provide an outlet for political expression. While I have gained tremendous satisfaction from witnessing the growth of the individuals and the organization, it is incomparable to the relationships I have cultivated through this team. I am proud to know each member, and I can not wait to see where this organization helps take them.

Vanderbilt Political Review has given me, and countless others, the opportunity to shine our brightest. Each member has helped me realize the strength in diversity of skills. Vanderbilt’s campus has intelligent, athletic, musical, social, and political people that make it so wonderful. I beg every student here to find their niche, whether that be with the Vanderbilt Political Review or not. Everyone deserves a similar sense of belonging and self-worth to what I have found with my people here in this organization.

It is with my utmost excitement to hand the club over to incoming Editor in Chief, Avi Mediratta. Avi has been fiercely dedicated to this club for three years, and his spectacular writing and leadership are sure to push Vanderbilt Political Review to new heights. I hope our fantastic readers see his dedication and continue to support over the next year. I wish this club nothing but success, companionship, and growth.

Thank you, Vanderbilt Political Review, for everything.

All my love,

Alexandra Doten