Foreign Policy Organization Invades Campus


Ben Noon

On Tuesday, October 9 at 7 pm, The Alexander Hamilton Society (AHS) will be hosting its first event titled: “What is the United States’ Role in the World?” George Mason University professor Colin Dueck will debate Vanderbilt professor Katherine Carroll. The event will have Chick-fil-A and counts for GME: Faculty Engagement.

Colin Dueck is a widely-respected voice within the foreign policy community. He has published three books on American foreign and national security studies, with the most recent being The Obama Doctrine: American Grand Strategy Today. Dueck has provided congressional testimony on American foreign policy, published in numerous international relations journals, and advised many presidential campaigns.

Professor Carroll is the director of the Public Policy studies program at Vanderbilt and teaches classes focusing on Middle East politics and the American military. Her expertise lies in Iraqi politics and the Iraq War; she has advised soldiers in active war zones in Iraq. One of her representative publications is “Not Your Parents’ Political Party: Young Sunnis and the New Iraqi Democracy.”

Professors Dueck and Carroll will come together to explore what the United States’ fundamental job is today.

The Alexander Hamilton Society is a national organization dedicated to spurring debate about foreign, economic, and national security policy on university campuses across the country. It rests upon the convictions that vigorous discussion of America’s role in the world brings continuous benefits to our political system and that the world remains a safer and more prosperous place when the United States is able and willing to lead.

I decided to launch the Alexander Hamilton Society at Vanderbilt because it offered something that this university lacks: substantive debate about American foreign policy. We have many clubs devoted to educating students about international politics and what is happening in the world, but so few ask “What should we do?” I believe AHS can help fix that.

American politics today are mired in questions about the role of the United States. Politicians from both sides of the aisle continually debate if worldwide involvement is worth the costs. Our president describes a world centered around “America First,” while others tout the benefits of the “liberal world order.” If you’re feeling confused or curious, maybe Professors Dueck and Carroll can help.

If you’re looking for a productive dialogue about our role in the world or just some Chick-fil-A, come over to Alumni 206 on Tuesday at 7 pm.