Vanderbilt Political Review

It’s Decision Time: The Future of Health Insurance Exchanges in Tennessee

Kristin Vargas

November 21, 2012

The election is finally over, and the initial raucous that overcame the nation is beginning to subside. This peace is only illusory, as consequences of the outcome are beginning to sink in for those distraught Republicans who...

Education Reform: Are Our Priorities Straight?

Kristin Vargas

October 31, 2012

The current state of the educational system in the United States is far from perfect. This idea should come as no surprise to policymakers and citizens alike, as improving the quality of education in the U.S. has been on our agenda...

Foreign Policy Steals the Spotlight in Campaign

Kristin Vargas

September 16, 2012

As the election inches closer, the constant stream of issues being debated seems to cycle through the same topics: healthcare, tax cuts, the economy, the list goes on. Notably absent from this list is foreign policy, a topic that...

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