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Chris Christie’s Trump Endorsement Shows the GOP’s Ideological State of Emergency

Hamzah Raza

February 28, 2016

Governor Chris Christie’s endorsement of Donald Trump was appalling to say the least. Chris Christie went from the moderate, supposed “Republican in Name Only,” representing a segment of the Republican Party that was sup...

What will it take to topple Trump?

Emmett McKinney

November 30, 2015

When Donald trump first announced his candidacy, most observers had a good laugh. Political comedian John Stewart described it as “a gift from heaven,” sure to provide endless material for his last few episodes as host of...

What is Donald Trump’s ‘Type’?

Michael Zoorob

August 18, 2015

Despite calling John McCain “a loser” for his time as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, characterizing many Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals, and calling Megan Kelly “a lightweight” (among other things), Donald Trump carries on with his strange combination of masculine bravado and a simple narrative that Americans have been che...

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