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As a group of students dedicated to social and financial liberty as well as limited and efficient  government, Young Americans for Liberty is committed to supporting a candidate who values freedom in all forms. It is an especially difficult task during this election, as both major party candidates seem to value individual liberty and truth far less than their own political ambitions.

The policies and rhetoric of Donald Trump have divided the country and engendered far stronger racial, religious, and class division than that of any other candidate in recent memory. His predilection for  threatening the civil liberties of millions of Americans is in direct opposition to our ideal America—one where the rights of all are respected and protected.

In addition to his reprehensible proposals, Trump does not exhibit the character or experience required of a United States president. His tenable relationship with the truth and lack of experience in office do not make him a maverick outsider so much as an unstable demagogue.

The repugnancy  of one candidate does not justify the exaltation of another. Secretary Clinton has her own problematic history with truth and liberty. Though she has changed her stance on many issues, her past support for policies which threaten freedom and individual choice reveal values at odds with liberty. Her previous support for government restrictions on individual choice include federal regulation of marriage, restricting recreational and medical drug use, and reduction of privacy rights. Clinton is also too interventionist, having endorsed and lead operations that ultimately lead to destabilization.

While we prefer Clinton to Trump, we would insult ourselves by setting the bar so low. We believe that America needs great policy reforms to become a better nation—one that best protects the rights of its people.

Standing above both major party  candidates is Governor Gary Johnson. Governor Johnson is the only candidate on the ballot in all 50 states who will adequately protect the liberties of Americans. His proposals include ending the failed War on Drugs, reducing U.S. Military intervention, and removing needless bloat from the federal government. His policies would lead to a decrease in the nonviolent incarceration rate, a more safe and stable world, and more protection of individual liberties.

Governor Johnson is the strongest choice for America during this election for more reasons than his proposed policies. He exhibits the character that we should  demand from our presidential candidates. Honesty is in short supply, and the ability to trust our president is crucial.

For these reasons, Young Americans for Liberty at Vanderbilt proudly endorses Governors Gary Johnson and William Weld for President and Vice President in 2016.