Vanderbilt Political Review

Rhetoric and Trust: Iran and the West’s Nuclear Negotiations

Emily Stewart

April 7, 2015

Last week, the nuclear negotiations between the United States, among other world powers, and Iran, finally reached a deal. Nonetheless, that deal is temporary, and many find the terms of the agreement unsatisfactory—and probably rightfully so. Without any substantive indications that Iran’s nuclear capacity would truly be reduced, the nu...

Why Nukes Are Here to Stay

Alexander Slawson

March 7, 2015

Nuclear weapons are scary, and the recent negotiations with Iran, as well as Netanyahu’s apocalyptic speech, have thrust nukes back into our minds. The thought of entire cities, states, even countries being obliterated in an in...

When Foreign Policy and Domestic Policy Blur

Emily Stewart

March 1, 2015

Tuesday, March 3rd will prove a crucial moment for Israel and the United States, and in both countries, the speech that will occur on this date will have ramifications in the domestic arena as well. Benjamin Netanyahu will speak to the United States Congress, in a speech in which a hefty dose of American polarization is at stake. A...

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