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Republicans for Marijuana Legalization

Avi Mediratta

January 31, 2016

One of the biggest issues in modern politics is the legalization of marijuana. Around the world, more and more countries are seeing pot legalization become a mainstream political issue. In the Netherlands, the drug policy known...

Washington meets the Valley: How tech companies are increasing political activity

November 11, 2015

Author: Avi Mediratta '19 In the 1790s, just following the founding of the United States, President Washington approved a plan to establish the nation’s capital in a swampy little town on the Potomac River between Virginia...

One Giant Leap for Mankind

Allia Calkins

November 1, 2015

On 20 July 1969, NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin landed on the moon, cementing the United States as the winner of the space race. They left behind an American flag, as well as a plaque that reads, “Here men...

The Importance of Vaccines

Lindsay Grizzard

October 18, 2015

There has been a dramatic resurgence of illness among our nation’s children, a primary example being the 2013 outbreak of measles in New York City. Even though measles was considered wiped out in America in 2000, there was an...

GMO labeling is a debate of public opinion

Lindsay Williams

September 29, 2015

Genetically Modified Organisms are often portrayed by critics as unnatural franken-foods, straight out of a horror movie to slowly kill oblivious consumers. And people are listening – Chipotle announced relatively recently that...

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