Vegetables: A Liberal Conspiracy


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables

Collin Hong

For decades, liberals have been conspicuously promoting the consumption of vegetables in our society. The latest transgression, and arguably the most sinister, was Michelle Obama’s incessant forcing of vegetables on young children. She even put pressure on school districts to conform to mandatory vegetable requirements. Innocent school children often have no choice but to be subjected to state-mandated vegetables. “They want to give all the power to the federal government to force you to eat more fruits and vegetables. … This is socialism of the highest order!” – Rep. Paul Broun, Georgia.

This is another example of extreme government overreach and represents out-of-touch liberal elites attempting to force their way of life on hard-working, middle Americans.

Just as there is no conclusive proof that climate change is caused by humans, there is also no conclusive proof that vegetables are healthy. These are just theories. Health classes across America have been indoctrinating our children about the purported benefits of vegetables, which amounts to government brainwashing. These so-called nutrition “experts” have obviously been bought and paid for by the liberal mastermind collective. In conjunction with this, liberal espouse propaganda that says that meat production is bad for the environment.

Trump’s election victory is indicative of  regular Americans being fed up with condescending elites trying to force propaganda down our throats .

This socialist initiative is an attack on our freedoms. First, they will take our meat. Then, they will take our guns. Why do liberals want us to eat more vegetables? They claim to be combating obesity with nutritional guidelines and soda taxes, but these regulations simply serve to stifle the free market.

More likely, the hormones and pesticides used on vegetables serve to make people who consume them more docile and receptive to liberal ideology, which is why socialist states like California have higher rates of vegetable consumption, and freedom-loving states like Mississippi have the lowest rates. The fact that this is even an issue for liberals shows how insulated coastal limousine liberals are. Who cares about obesity compared to terrorism and immigration? The federal government must stay out of our kitchens if we are to preserve our freedoms.